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Last Updated on 2024-03-21

APERO is a pipeline designed to reduce astrophysical observations (specifically from echelle spectrographs). It is the official pipeline for:

  • SPIROU (SPectropolarimeter InfraROUge) on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope CFHT.

APERO Publications:

APERO is also be used by:

The Line-by-line code for precision radial velocity (Artigau et al. 2022) is also integrated into APERO.


There are multiple branches and versions of APERO with different levels of stability and features.

The current versions are:

  • main (long term stable) V0.7.288 (2024-01-30)

This is the version currently recommended for all general use. It may not
contain the most up-to-date features until long term support and stability can
be verified.
  • developer (tested) V0.7.288 (2024-01-30)

Note the developer version should have been tested and semi-stable but not
ready for full sets of processing and defintely not for release for
non-developers or for data put on archives. Some changes may not be
in this version that are in the working version.
  • stable-test (tested) V0.7.289 (2024-03-21)

Notrmally up-to-date with the live version has been or is currently
being tested for stability
  • live (untested) V0.8.001 (2024-03-21)

Note the live version will be the most up-to-date version but has not been
tested for stability - use at own risk.

Documentation written with version: 0.8.001


Instrument documentation

Developer documentation